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The school’s PD/HEALTH/PE program aims to develop in each student the knowledge, skills and attitudes needed to understand, value and lead healthy and fulfilling lives. 

The subject matter of PDHPE K–6 is organised into eight interrelated strands.

Active Lifestyle

Active Lifestyle is concerned with students adopting activity patterns that promote their wellbeing. In this strand, students will examine the components of a balanced lifestyle, explore options for recreation and develop the skills and attitudes necessary for an active lifestyle.


Dance develops the ability of students to communicate and express themselves through movement. Through dance, students develop awareness of the ways their bodies move, the space in which they move, the time and quality of their movements and their relationship to each other and objects. Students participate in composing, moving and appreciating a range of dance styles.

Games and Sports

This strand develops each student’s competence and confidence in a broad range of games, sports and physical activities. Students develop fundamental movement skills (FMS), progressing to more games- and sports-specific skills in non-competitive and competitive environments that foster positive feelings of success and enjoyment.

Growth and Development

Growth and Development involves developing each student’s understanding of their own physical, social, cognitive and emotional development in the context of increasing awareness of changes that occur throughout the cycle of people’s lives. Students participate in activities that increase their confidence and competence to manage change.


The focus of this strand is on initial movement exploration leading to the acquisition of some preliminary gymnastics skills. Students investigate and succeed in a wide variety of movement experiences and challenges, developing skill, demonstrating control and exploring the ways in which the body can move. The gymnastics experiences recommended in this syllabus are appropriate for all students. They do not involve Olympic or competitive gymnastics disciplines.

 Interpersonal Relationships

Interpersonal Relationships is concerned with developing an understanding of the nature of relationships. Students develop skills for building positive responsible relationships, and practise their application so that they can use them effectively in their lives.

Personal Health Choices

Personal Health Choices examines the process of making lifestyle decisions and putting them into practice. This strand considers the personal health decisions that students make about their lives relating to nutrition, hygiene, consumerism, drug use, the environment and disease prevention.

Safe Living

Safe Living is concerned with the protection of individuals through the promotion of safe environments and practices. This strand focuses on developing in students a commitment and an ability to act in ways that will keep themselves and others safe from harm.