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The school community of St Paul’s believes that to effectively educate children we must provide them with an understanding of available technology and the influence it has in their lives.

At St Paul’s we integrate the use of technology into daily classroom practice in a manner which allows students to interact with technology as a regular part of the learning process.


·    To provide all students at St Paul’s with regular access to technology.
·    To encourage students and staff to explore the use of technology and to
   integrate technology regularly into learning and teaching experiences.
·    To equip each classroom equitably with suitable hardware and software
   so as to enable access to technology on an on-going basis.
·    To provide opportunities in every classroom for students and teachers to
   have access to the school Intranet and the Internet.
·    To educate students and staff in acceptable use of Information and
   Communication Technologies (ICT), ensuring the general principles of,
   responsible digital citizenship, privacy and protection of students and staff
   are maintained.
·    To provide staff professional development opportunities focusing on the use of
   technology and regular updates from Diocesan sources.