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squarepic eucharistSacramental programs are parish based, parish coordinated, family focused and school supported. 

Each year the sacraments of Penance, Eucharist and Confirmation are celebrated in the Parish.

  • Year 2 Sacrament of Penance
  • Year 3 Sacrament of the Eucharist
  • Year 6 Sacrament of Confirmation

Outlined below are important aspects of the Parish based sacramental program at St. Paul’s Parish Moss Vale. 

A Parish based program caters to the needs of all participants. In this way children from all schools receive the same preparation for each sacrament. Catechists, parishioners and teachers from St Paul’s Parish and School teach the lessons in the parish meeting room after school and on weekends. 

The parish based, family focused approach to sacramental programs is widely used throughout Australia as the preferred approach. This approach acknowledges the important role of parents and families in the whole preparation process. Parents are the first educators of children in the faith and traditions of the Catholic Church, and the Parish and School don’t replace the parental role. It is the family situations, the daily living, that confirms and actions what is taught during the sacramental program. So it is vital, for the continual spiritual growth of the child, that the family involve themselves in the sacramental life of Parish. 

The Parish and School are charged with assisting parents to bring up their child/ren in the faith of the Catholic Church. The Parish and School share this responsibility with the parents and so, together in partnership, the spiritual development of the child can be nurtured and grown. 

Each sacramental program involves an introductory session and a series of four lessons and parents attend each session with their child/ren. Workbooks are used by the children during the program and parents follow up these sessions at home with their child/ren. This encouragement and support enables the children to benefit from the best preparation possible.