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Catholic schools are founded on the person of Jesus Christ and guided by Gospel values. At St Paul’s we witness to this by placing faith development in the context of everyday life. This provides the framework for the consideration of Pastoral Care in our school. Pastoral Care underpins the very concept of the Catholic identity, which is nurtured daily by all members of the community to establish an emotionally, socially and spiritually healthy environment to which children, staff and parents can belong, and where they can all grow and develop the potential which is their God-given gift.

At St Paul’s we aim to:
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  •       respect the dignity of each individual
  •       provide witness to Gospel values
  •       adopt an holistic approach which develops the full potential of the    
  •       recognise affirmation of students as an essential part of Pastoral
  •       develop just discipline practices
  •       enhance the school climate and build community through structures
    allow teachers, students and parents to be involved, to take
    and to develop relationships
  •       promote an environment of safety for all members of the school
  •       encourage student leadership
  •       protect the rights of all teachers to teach and all students to learn